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This timeline highlights the key phases of the project leading to go-live for Summer and Fall quarter cohorts, and the first "All Access" go-live on Bruin Learn for all winter 2022 courses.

Timeline representing the 3 main phases: SUMMER COHORT, FALL COHORT and ALL ACCESS

  • Requirement Approval: April - May 2021
  • Design & Build: May - June 2021
  • Deploy: June - November 2021
  • Course Journey Surveys: June - August 2021
  • Canvas Training: July - September 2021
  • Teachong & Learning Support: July 2021 - Forward
  • Summer Cohort: June - August 2021
  • Fall Cohort: July - December 2021
  • All Access: September 2021 - Forward


Small group of courses in new programs and faculty for a limited number of courses offered in fall quarter will also have access to Canvas.


Limited number of courses that meet specific use cases will be delivered in the fall quarter.


All faculty will have access to the Canvas platform September 1, 2021, with full support available on October 1, 2021.