Integrating Publisher Content into Bruin Learn

UCLA faculty wishing to incorporate publisher course materials into their Bruin Learn course should contact Guy Adams in the ASUCLA Bookstore to begin the process.

  • Faculty should advise the ASUCLA Bookstore:
    • The publisher
    • Name of publisher LTI
    • Which platform they will be teaching with: CCLE (Moodle) or Bruin Learn (Canvas)
    • Which course(s) they will be using the publisher materials with.
  • If a tool is not already approved, the Bookstore will guide the publisher through the campus third party risk management review (TPRM) process.
  • ASUCLA will work with the Bruin Learn team to integrate the publisher's tool into the faculty’s course(s).
  • When tool integration is complete, the ASUCLA Bookstore will advise the faculty to contact the publisher's representative.
  • The publisher's representative will work with the individual faculty member to complete the set-up of the publisher's services in their course(s).

Please note: Although some publisher support websites may offer self-service instructions, due to cybersecurity concerns and campus policies, individual faculty do not have the ability to add apps to Bruin Learn.

The TPRM review process includes: UCLA's security, data use, privacy, and accessibility offices, and contract negotiations with the provider